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May 2017

  • Beta access to "Push" Email for Gmail and G Suite - New email is actively transferred (pushed) as it arrives in Gmail and G Suite to the Cloze Inbox so you don't have to sync to see your new mail.*
  • Beta access to iCloud Reminders - See your iCloud Reminders on the Cloze Agenda.*

*Email us at and we'll enable these beta features.

April 2017

Blog: Introducing Engagement Analytics

Update mobile apps

Activity Analytics

  • Activity Analytics – See how you’ve been spending your time. Are you spending more time with CxOs or VPs? Leads or existing customers? Activity analytics can tell you.
    Learn more about Activity Analytics.
  • Team Leaderboard – Want to know which team members are pulling their weight? The Leaderboard shows a list of your team members on Cloze and ranks their activity by four categories: Sent Mail, Calls Made, Meetings, and Email Opens.
    Learn more about the Team Leaderboard. 

Pipeline Analytics

  • Pipeline Engagement – Looking for an objective view of your pipeline? Wondering where you can help your team? Engagement Analytics highlight the Deals and Projects that are truly on track with strong participation from the clients involved—and those that are fading and need attention.
    Learn more about Pipeline Engagement Analytics.
  • Forecast – Derived from your Potential Deals and Projects the forecast report shows your  cumulative value, timing and top deals. See how your forecast has changed over time and what’s flowing in the right direction. Learn more about Forecast Reporting.

Lead Analytics

  • Lead Engagement – Are some of your leads getting lost in the shuffle? Lead Analytics highlight leads that are advancing and those that are going stale. Reports show untouched Leads, Lead source, their age, last contact and Next Steps all in a single view.
    Learn more Lead Engagement Analytics.

Filter the timeline of your People, Companies, Projects and Deals

  • You can filter the timeline of interactions for a person, company, project or deal by email, calls, meetings and others items to narrow the view as needed.
    Learn more about filter your timelines.

Cloze Bot for RingCentral Glip

  • Have you ever posted on Glip something like “Has anyone talked with…[pick a name]?” With your team on Cloze and RingCentral Glip you you don’t need to bug anyone – Simply ask Cloze Bot for Glip and you’ll know.
    Learn more about Cloze Bot for RingCentral Glip.

We’ve also made many refinements





March 2017 

  • Beta access to the iOS and Android versions of Cloze - Email us at and we’ll send you an invite to try all of the new 2017 features on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. 
  • Faster Office 365 Email Sync Beta - Email us at and we'll enable early access to our new faster inbox syncing for Office 365 Email accounts. 
  • Cloze Bot for RingCentral Glip - You can now use Cloze Bot on Glip too! Learn More
  • New "Skip" option for keep-in-touch reminders - Swipe to the left and select "Skip" to be reminded again when your next keep-in-touch reminder cycle comes due. Learn more.
  • Filter the timeline of a person - You can filter the Timeline of interactions for a person by Email, Calls, Meetings and others items to narrow the view as needed. Learn More.
  • Open Evernote or OneNote in a web browser instead of their app - When creating and opening existing Evernote and OneNote notes you can set if you wish to open the Evernote or OneNote app (iOS, Android, Mac or Windows) or now you can open Evernote or OneNote in a web browser instead.  Learn More - Evernote or OneNote.
  • Custom Email "From Names" - Each email account connected to Cloze can now have a unique "From Name" that is displayed to the recipient when they receive your message. Learn More
  • Email the top people at a company with a single click - Tap on the email icon in a company profile to send an email to the top people. Learn More.
  • Agenda keyboard shortcuts - we've added several new keyboard shortcuts for to help you navigate the Agenda on your desktop. Learn More.
  • Analytics and Reporting Beta - Email us at and we'll enable early access. 

February 2017

January 2017 

December 2016 

Blog: Your inbox now has a brain. Introducing Smart Action Items and Deadlines and more

Updated Mobile Apps

Smart Suggestions

  • Smart Action Items – Cloze detects action items in email you send (e.g. “I’ll get back to you on Friday”) and adds them to your agenda automatically.
    Learn More.
  • Smart Deadlines – Cloze detects deadlines in email you receive too (e.g. “Please review and get your comments to me by Friday”) and adds them to your agenda automatically.
    Learn More.

New note-taking options

  • Built-in Notes – You can use Cloze’s built-in notes instead of OneNote and Evernote.
    Learn More.
  • Use Built-In notes with Evernote or OneNote too – Even if you use Evernote or OneNote for note-taking in Cloze you can edit a call and add a note using Cloze’s Built-In notes.
    Learn More.

Custom fields for People, Companies, Projects, and Deals

We’ve added Custom Fields to help your further classify your People, Companies, Projects and Deals. Custom Fields are also shared with your team members if you are using Cloze Business.

  • Custom Fields for Projects and Deals – Cloze includes default Custom Fields that you can enable like Type, Forecast and Lead Source—you can also add as many others as needed. When enabled, Custom Fields appear in the Project (or Deal) Status section.
    Learn More.
  • Custom Fields for People and Companies – Similarly Cloze also includes default Custom Fields that you can enable like Type, Role, Department and Lead Source for People and Companies—you can also add as many others as needed. When enabled, Custom Fields appear in the Relationship section.
    Learn More.

Accept meeting invites right from Cloze

  • Accept calendar invites  – You can accept a meeting invite without leaving Cloze.
    Learn More.

We’ve also made many refinements

Importing People and Projects

People and Companies



September 2016 

Blog: Deep Content Search, Scheduled Email, Cloze Sidebar for CRM and more

Deep Search

You can now search for keywords and phrases in emails, attachments, notes, and documents —on Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Office 365 email and OneDrive, Slack, Dropbox, and Evernote.

When you search, Cloze will match results to the following types of content:

Email – Email subject, email body and email attachments

Calendar – Meeting body, location and meeting subject for your primary Google calendar.

Documents – body content of the document, file name, and folder name.

Notes – note subject, note body content, attachments in notes and tags

Messages – message content and content of files exchanged in Slack.

 Scheduled send: Write your email now, have Cloze deliver it later

  • Email scheduling – With the Cloze, you can schedule an email to be sent later at a more convenient time. This is helpful when you communicate with people in different time zones, want to send emails when they are most likely to be read or simply want to write emails when you have a free moment and then have them sent at an appropriate time.
    Learn More.

Cloze Sidebar for CRM

The Chrome extension provides Cloze related context of people, companies, projects, and deals side by side with your CRM and other websites.

  • CRM’s and other app supported:, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, SugarCRM, and PipeDrive, HubSpot CRM.  Also Supported: Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Github.
    Learn More.

Install the Cloze Sidebar Chrome Extension.

We’ve also made many refinements


  • One-tap conversion to Deals (or Projects) – When you mark a person or company as “Potential” you have the option to automatically create a Deal (or Project).  Learn more.
  • Deal stage options – You can now include or exclude an Active deal stage for Deals (or Projects). There are two options. You can track deals: 1.) only until they are won or lost, or 2.) until they are done (any delivery or services are completed). Learn more.
  • Merge duplicate deals – You can merge Projects (or Deals) by tapping on the check marks next to the Projects (or Deals) you wish to merge and then tapping on the merge icon. Learn more.


  • Add a new company without a domain – You now have the option to create a company with just a phone number.  Learn more.
  • Add email addresses to companies – There is new “Email Addresses” section for companies so you can track company-level address like “sales@ or support@.  Learn more.


  • Filter your inbox by email account – tap on the funnel icon and the Content to filter by email source connected to Cloze. Learn More.

Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ctrl-e – in the email composer ctrl-e goes to the end of the line. Learn More.
  • cmd-k – in the email composer you can highlight text and insert a link with cmd-k. Learn More.
  • cmd-v – in the email composer you can paste an image with cmd-v. Learn More.

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