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How do I manage my lead flow in Cloze?

Leads may come into Cloze in a variety of ways:

Once in Cloze we provide four Stages to help you track the progress of your relationships:

  1. Not Yet Qualified
  2. Potential
  3. Active
  4. Inactive

Working in tandem with Stage, Cloze also provides Segments to set who the person is to you. For example, a customer, a partner, a supplier, an adviser, or any number of customizable segments. Together with Stage, an existing customer would be marked as "Active Customer". 

Once a lead is qualified we recommend using the Project (or Deal) feature to keep track of all the communications, notes, and to-dos in one place.

Within Cloze we recommend you track your lead life cycle in this manner:

  • Relationship Stage: Person Not Yet Qualified → Person Potential 
  • Project Stage: Create Project (or Deal) → Potential Project (Deal) → Active Project (or Deal) → Done (or Lost) Project (or Deal)

Note: For both People and Projects (or Deals) you can also Add Next Steps to  help you keep track of what you've done and what you have left to do. Think of Next Steps as repeatable check lists that you can write once and reuse. We recommend adding Next Steps to track your workflow and to assign responsibility if you using Cloze Business. 


Leads can be marked with the Not Yet Qualified Stage. 

Once qualified, you can then mark them as Potential. 


And then create a Project (or Deal) to automatically keep track of all the communications, notes, and to-dos in one place.

When you convert a person or company to Potential you have the option to automatically create a Project (or Deal). You can enable this option in Settings.