Smart Suggestions | Cloze, Inc.

Smart Suggestions

Cloze brings some artificial intelligence to your Relationship Management with several smart features that help you stay in touch with your most important relationships and your contact information up-to-date. Cloze even detects things you have promised to do and deadlines you need to meet right from your email and adds them to your Agenda automatically. 

  • Smart Contact Updates - Cloze analyzes email signatures in mail you receive and lets you know when the sender's contact information has changed. Learn more about Smart Contact Updates here
  • Automatic Keep in Touch Reminders - Cloze analyzes your interaction patterns and will automatically surface people you haven't talked to recently that might still be important. You will see these reminders on the Agenda. Learn more about Automatic Keep in Touch Reminders here
  • Smart Deadlines - Cloze automatically detects deadlines in email you receive. For example if you receive an email that includes "Please review and get your comments to me by Friday" Cloze will add this to your Agenda and remind you on Friday. Learn more about Smart Deadlines here
  • Smart Action Items - Cloze automatically detects action items in email you send. For example if you send an email with "I'll get back to you on Friday" Cloze will add a reminder to your Agenda on Friday. Learn more about Smart Action Items here