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What types of relationships can I track in Cloze?

On the Contact Profile you will find a section called Relationship. On your phone tap on the About section or look on the right side of the screen on iPad, Android tablet or

It looks like this:

In the above example the contact is marked as an active customer.  

There are several ways you can customize this section. You can

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You can use this section to mark you contacts as...

  • Not Yet Qualified
  • Potential 
  • Active
  • Inactive
..and select the specific relationship type. By default we include:
  • Customers - People you sell to or deliver services to
  • Partners - People that help you sell, deliver services, or run your organization
  • Suppliers - Companies that you buy from
  • Investors - People that invest in you or your organization
  • Advisers - People that advise, counsel or mentor you
  • Competitors - People that you compete against
  • Coworkers - People that work in your organization
  • Family - Your family and relatives
  • Friends - Your friends and acquaintances
  • Custom - Custom type of relationship


In the Cloze Pro Settings section you can customize the relationship type labels that are displayed in Cloze. There are several default and custom lables that can be changed to suit your needs.