How do I enforce security and compliance policies?

Platinum Feature: This feature is available with the Cloze Business Platinum Plan. 

There are several security and compliance features you can enable for each Cloze Team Role.  

  • Lock Accounting and Compliance - User cannot edit their own accounting and compliance settings
  • Disable History Retention - User cannot keep history in their own account when removing a connected service (does not apply to users with Personal Billing)
  • Disable Leaving Team - User cannot leave the team or delete their account (does not apply to users with Personal Billing)
  • Require 2-Step - User must have 2-step authentication enabled for their account
  • Require Work Email - Each user must connect their work email account to join the team
  • Require SSO for login - Only allow users to login using SSO


1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on


2.) Tap on Settings


3.) Tap on My Team to expand the section. 


Then tap on the Edit button next to Settings and Access Control and toggle on any options to which you would like your Team to have access. 

4.) Tap on Role you wish to customize.

5.) Enable the various security and compliance features you wish to enable for this Role. 



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