App Links allow you to tap on a link inside a Cloze person profile, company profile or Project profile and go directly to the equivalent in another application.

For example you may want to use an App Link to connect your customer service software to Cloze. With an App Link you can go directly to the appropriate person in your customer service software. 

Scroll to the bottom of this entry to see an example of how to add an App Link. 

When you create an App Link there are four pieces of information you will enter:

1.) App ID
An App ID is the source of the information or service that is being linked to Cloze. Think of the App ID as a way of identifying the specific application sending Cloze information about a contact. The App ID is used in combination with the Unique ID. 

  • The App ID should be a domain: The source should be in the format of a domain and in all lower-case.
  • Please do not change the App ID once it is set: This value is important and should not be changed once determined. 

2.) Unique ID

The Unique ID is the number or identifier that is used in the system you are linking to. The pair of App ID and Unique ID together helps Cloze identify a Person, Company or Project uniquely.

Typically it is the identification number you would use to look up a person or company in another system. 

Note: The Unique ID must be unique. The Unique ID should NOT be reused. If the same App ID and Unique ID are used on a Person, Company or Project Cloze will merge them together. 

Below is an example:

When sending contacts from MailChimp to Cloze: 

  • App ID =
  • Unique ID = 48616032 (MailChimp's unique ID)

For example if the MailChimp ID for a contact is sent from MailChimp to Cloze is "48616032" then the combination of the App ID of and Lead ID of 48616032 will ensure we always merge any update to this MailChimp record with the correct person in Cloze.

3.) App Name

The App Name is a human readable name to an external application containing person information (such MailChimp). This name will appear in the Cloze.

  • App Name = MailChimp

4.) App URL

When you click on this link you will be directed to a specific contact, company or Project in another system. 

  • App URL=


Below is an example that uses an App Link to connect a Cloze Person to a MailChimp Subscriber (person).

1.) Tap on edit next to the person's name. 


2.) Scroll down to the App Link section and tap on the Add button to create an App Link.


3.) Add the required App Link information:

  1. Domain of web service to which you are linking
  2. Unique ID for this person
  3. Name of the service
  4. Direct URL to the person in the service to which you are linking.