With Cloze you can add Keywords to contacts and then use them to search. Keywords are like tags and allow you organize People, Companies, Projects and Deals. Keywords are helpful when you are trying to organize contacts that span different relationship Segments and want to share this organization with your team on Cloze. For example a keyword that tracks attendance at a trade show like "Mobile-World-Congress-2016" could be used for both Customers and Partners. Learn more about Keywords here.

Cloze also offers Custom Fields to help your further classify your People, Companies, Projects and Deals. When enabled, Custom Fields appear in the Relationship section for People and Companies and in the Project (or Deal) Status section. Custom Fields are also shared with your team members if you are using Cloze Business. Custom Fields are highly recommended as an alternative to keywords when adding organizational structure around a specific relationship Segment.  Learn more about Custom Fields here


Please see below for instructions on how to bulk add or remove a keyword.  


Bulk change a keyword

1.) On the People section search for the person (or group of people) you wish to add to a keyword and then tap on the check mark next to their name(s). 


You may also use our natural language search to find and select many contacts at once. Click here to learn more about searching in Cloze.

2.) Repeat this process of searching and tapping the check mark for each person to which you would like to add a keyword.  Once you have tapped on the check mark you can search again and the previous person will remain checked so you can add multiple people at once. 

3.) When you are done, tap on the bulk icon. 

4.) Tap on the dropdown next to Add in the Keywords section. Then select your keyword and tap on Save to apply the keyword to your selected contacts. 





Bulk remove a keyword

If you would like to remove a keyword you can use the bulk remove option instead.