To clear an item like a keep-in-touch reminder or an email open notification you can swipe to the left on both mobile and web versions of Cloze. 

Please note that calendar meetings will roll-off automatically at the end of the day and do not have a swipe to clear option. Meetings are left so that you can follow-up and add notes after your meeting. If you wish to clear them after they have finished tap on the funnel icon and enable "Always Hide Finished Meetings." 

Clearing or Skipping Keep-in-touch Reminders

For keep-in-touch reminders you will find two options:

  1. Clear - Select "Clear" if you wish to no longer be reminded about this person unless you start interacting again.
  2. Skip - Select "Skip" to be reminded again when your next keep-in-touch reminder cycle comes due. Please note this option is currently only available on It will be available on our mobile apps soon. 

All other Agenda items (except calender meetings) can be cleared by swiping to the left. 


Or swipe a headline to clear all items at once.