Cloze is integrated with ActivePipe to sync contacts from Cloze to ActivePipe. 

Tip: Please contact ActivePipe at  and ask them to enable Cloze for you.

Cloze ➜ ActivePipe

Contacts and their organizational information sync from Cloze to ActivePipe

  • Segments (e.g. Buyers, Sellers)
  • Stages (e.g. Lead, Warm, Hot)
  • Next Steps
  • Tags

ActivePipe ➜ Cloze

Activity syncs from ActivePipe to Cloze

  • Timeline event logging for each campaign in Cloze
    Email events
    Email open and link click activity

Connecting ActivePipe

Please watch the short video below to learn how to connect your ActivePipe account to Cloze.



1.) Contact ActivePipe to enable Cloze for you

Reach out to ActivePipe at and ask them to enable Cloze for you.

2.) Navigate to ActivePipe and Connect Cloze

3.) Approve the connection between ActivePipe and Cloze.

Contacts will then import from Cloze to ActivePipe.

Once connected contacts will continuously sync from Cloze to ActivePipe. ActivePipe syncs with Cloze every 10-15 minutes.