When you create a new Project (or Deal) you can choose whether to share the new Project (or Deal) with your Organization or not.  You can also adjust your settings to automatically share your new Deals and Projects by default as well. 

If you would like to not share by default, you can toggle off sharing in Settings. Once disabled you will need to toggle on sharing for each Project (or Deal) you wish to share with your team.  

Disable Projects (or Deals) sharing by default
With this option sharing is toggled off by default when you create a new Project (or Deal). You can override this and toggle it on as needed. 

Tap on More (...) in the lower left on cloze.com or lower right on mobile (iOS or Android).



Tap on Settings


Scroll down to the Cloze Business section and tap on My Sharing Settings to expand the section. 

Then toggle off "Share projects (or deals) when created" in the Creation section.