Cloze Team Administrators can assign permissions to a group of Users by using Custom Roles. Examples of Custom Roles include Administrators, Managers, Members or Staff.

Each of these Roles has its own unique set of Permissions, i.e. actions they can or cannot perform, Cloze areas they can or cannot access, etc.

Cloze offers several visibility permissions that may be set to control what team member can and cannot see based on their Role.  

When "Redact Shared Timelines" is enabled on a role it hides the subject and body of shared timeline communication.

Before: Redact Shared Timelines is enabled

Team member may elect to share their timeline activity with other team members (toggle on "Share timeline with").

Once the timeline sharing is enabled for a person, company, project or deal team members with the permission to see shared timeline activity can view the complete details.

After: Redact Shared Timelines is enabled

The "Redact Shared Timelines" provides a middle ground. You can share that activity is happening without revealing the complete details. For example the details of a note or the subject and body of an email are no longer visible.