You can filter the Cloze Agenda in several ways to help you focus on what need to get done.

To Dos - Add to-dos to contacts, companies, and projects to keep track of all the one-off things you need to get done that don't fit into your Next Steps. When your to dos are due, upcoming or past due you'll find them on the Agenda screen. Learn more.

Next Steps - You can use Next Steps to help you keep track of what you've done and what you have left to do. You'll be reminded on the Agenda to follow-up on the next thing you have to get done — automatically. Learn more.

Meetings - Cloze integrates with your calendar and creates a briefing document about the attendees. And makes it easy add notes and to follow-up with all of the participants. Learn more.

You can filter by:

  • All meetings - uncheck to hide your meetings 
  • Toggle on "Always Hide Finished Meetings" - this will automatically hide meetings that have past. 

Keep in Touch - Cloze will automatically remind you when to reach out to key people like your customers. Learn more.

Reminders - Cloze will remind you if you snooze an email for later or set a reminder to follow-up on an email. Learn more

Contact Updates - Cloze analyzes email signatures in email you receive and lets you know when the sender's contact information has changed, so you can always have the latest contact details for them. Learn more.

Tap on the funnel icon to filter your Agenda by any of the above options.