Cloze analyzes your email, calendar, mobile phone call history and social feeds to find out who matters to you, giving each one of your contacts a Cloze Score. The Cloze Score is a measure of relationship quality from 0-100. As you interact with your customers, prospects, co-workers and professional connections on email, phone, meetings and social media you are building relationships. The higher the Cloze Score the stronger the relationship. Cloze scores your relationships on a number of factors both over the lifetime of the relationship and, separately, based on your most recent interactions so you can see whether it's heading in the right direction.

Every relationship has a unique Cloze Score that is private to you. It is a measure of how well you know someone and how important that person is to you based on your online interactions through email, meetings, mobile phone calls and social media. Of course, we recognize that no algorithm can ever be perfect – which is why we also let you adjust someone’s Cloze Score to where you think it should be.

Key People are always changing based on your interactions. When you are out of touch, Cloze will prompt you on the Agenda. 

There are three primary ways to remove or control the people that are included in your Key People List:

  1. Use the slider to change the number of people Cloze automatically tracks (0 - 100)
  2. "Mute" a contact 
  3. If you have manually added someone, but would like to remove them - uncheck the contact
These options are outlined in more detail below. 


1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on


2.) Tap on Settings


3.) Tap on Lists to expand the section and then tap on the gear icon next to Key People. 


4.) Use the slider to adjust the number of Automatic Key People (0 - 100).



When you mute a contact in Cloze it does two things:

  1. Removes the person from automatic keep-in-touch reminders (you will no longer be prompted on the Agenda screen to reach out).
  2. Removes the person's social media activity from the Cloze Social screen.

To mute a contact on iOS or Android please follow these instructions. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see instruction for muting a contact on 

1.) Tap on the contact profile of the person you wish to mute and tap on the more (...) button.

2.) Scroll down the list of contact information and other options. 

3.) Tap on the Mute icon.

4.) Select how long you would like to mute the contact.

To Mute a Contact on the web app ( tap on the mute icon along the top of the contact profile.



Please note you can only remove people that were manually added to the Key People List.