With Cloze you can add keywords to contacts and then use them to search. Keywords are like tags and allow you organize people, projects, deals or companies. Keywords are helpful when you are trying to organize your contacts across many traits or characteristics and want to share this organization with your team on Cloze. Keywords can be added in bulk to many contacts at once while importing a spreadsheet

Tip: Type "Help" in the search box for some search examples based on your contacts. 

To search by keywords you'll first need to add a keyword to a contact. Please tap on edit to add your keywords.


Enter in your keywords for the contact in the field labeled Keywords and tap on Save. 

Now you can search for the contact based on the keywords you entered.

Type #[and then your keyword] or keyword is {and then your keyword].

In this example...

#marketing is entered in the search field

Keyword is marketing is entered in the search field. 

Tap on the People section and then enter #[your keyword] or "keyword is [your keyword]" in the search box.



Use "or" operators to return people with either keyword.