Once your contacts are imported into MailChimp you can then segment them by Stage, Segment and Custom Field (like Lead Source or Role). 

To create and save a Segment in MailChimp for use with a campaign please follow these instructions from MailChimp. Below are several examples of Segments you can create based contacts imported from Cloze. 

1.) Navigate to the Audience (fka Lists) page and click the name of the MailChimp audience you plan to segment. And then click on View Contacts.

Note: Please follow these instructions to sync contacts from Cloze to MailChimp


2.) Click on "New Segment".


3.) To make sure MailChimp pulls contacts who fit both conditions you enter, click the Contacts match drop-down menu and choose all.


4.) You can set one or more conditions from the dropdown. Below are several examples. 


Example: Cloze Contacts with the Stage "Lead"




ExampleCloze Contacts with the Segment "Customer"

Example: Cloze Contacts with the Stage "Lead" and Segment "Customer"

Send to a Segment

When you're ready to send a campaign to the segment you created, you'll be able to start from a list in your account or from the Campaign Builder.

Send From Your List


1.) Navigate to the Audience page.

2.) If you have more than one audience, click the Current audience drop-down and choose the one you want to work with.

3.) Click View Contacts.

4.) Click the Manage Contacts drop-down menu and choose Segments.


5.) Click the drop-down menu next to the segment you want to work with.

6.) Click Send to choose the type of email campaign you want to send to your segment: Regular, Multivariate or A/B testing, Plain - text, or RSS




7.) Continue through the Campaign Builder.