1.) Click on the Make a New Zap button on your Zapier Dashboard.


2.) Search for and select Cloze as the Trigger App

3.) Select "Person Added to List" as your Cloze Trigger. And then click on the Save + Continue button. 


4.) Connect your Cloze account. 

5.) Select your Cloze list from the dropdown and click on the continue button.

Test your connection.

6.) Search and Select MailChimp for the Action App.


7.) Select Add Subscriber as your MailChimp Action.

8.) Select and test your MailChimp account.

9.) Select your MailChimp List and then match your various contact fields like Email, First Name, Last Name and others. 

10.) Test your MailChimp step. 

11.) Click on the Finish button and