When you setup your Cloze Business account you can invite other members of your organization to join. Contact information can then be shared with other members of your organization.

There are two primary options:
  1. Sharing the contact information (name, phone number, email address, etc.) 
  2. Assigning responsibility (shares the contact information and assigns a team member to the contact). When you assign responsibility the assignee can share their timeline of activity with their Manager or the rest of the team. 

If you would like to share multiple contacts with your organization like your clients or leads please follow the instructions below.

A few notes about sharing contacts:

  • Contacts that are set with a Business Segment (Customer, Partner etc..) are automatically shared with your team.
  • Contacts that are part of a shared Project or Deal are automatically shared with your team.
  • Contacts that are assigned are automatically shared with your team.
  • Contact information labeled personal or contacts with a Personal Segment (family, friend, etc.) will not be shared.
  • When you share people and companies with your organization you are creating a copy of your contacts and adding them to the organizational view. Cloze will either automatically share or prompt you if information is out of sync with your team's version of the contact. 

1.) On the People section of Cloze select the contacts you wish to share with your organization by tapping on the check marks next to their names. 

In this example we have selected our Leads.


2.) Tap on the Send/Assign icon and select your organization.





3.) Your organization will then see these contacts in the People section. 


Note: The "Kanban Board" view below is currently in beta. Please reach out to support@cloze.com for early access.