The Week in Review dashboard provides a summary report of your interactions with your contacts for the last week. If you are a Cloze Business Administrator or Manager you may also view the summary report of members of your Cloze Business team. 

The Summary Dasboard Report includes:


  • Total number of contacts, companies and projects or deals


  • Breakdown of email sent vs. received
  • Breakdown of bulk vs. regular email


  • Who you interacted with (Customers, Prospects, Coworkers and others) 
  • How you interacted with Customers
  • How you interacted with Prospects
  • Breakdown of calls, meetings and notes 


  • If this report is not already available as one of your primary visible sections tap on More > Week in Review. 
  • You must be assigned an Administrator or Manager Role in Cloze Business settings to view the Summary Dashboard report of other team members.
  • Cloze Business Administrators and Managers can only see the Summary Dashboard report of activities found on the right side of the screenshot below. They do NOT have visibility into specific calls and meetings. All call and meeting activity is private unless shared as part of a Project or Deal.