Cloze will only create contacts automatically for real people -- so you won't see contacts automatically created for newsletters, social updates, mass marketing emails or for email accounts that are generic like "" or "" or "".

There are two options for whitelisting bulk email addresses:

Option 1: Whitelist From the Cloze Inbox

If you do want to create a contact for one of these types of email accounts, you can use the "whitelist" option to create a Cloze contact from the bulk sender in the inbox. This can be helpful if you have a contact that uses a generic email address as their personal or work email. 

Option 2: Edit the Person and mark their email address as "Regular"

If you already have a contact record for the person please follow the instructions below.

1.) Tap on any contact photo and the contact profile will open.

2.) Tap on Edit in the upper right of the screen on the phone app or next to the person's name on tablet and 



3.) Tap on Contact Info and then scroll down to the Email Addresses section. Tap on the icon next to the bulk email address you wish to whitelist by marking as "Always Focused". 


4.) Switch from "Always Bulk" to "Always Focused" and then tap on the Save button. 


5.) Then save the contact profile.

Going forward emails from this email address will not be marked as bulk and will appear in the Focus view of the Cloze Inbox.