Using Cloze on the web ( you can import contacts from your computer.

Cloze currently supports three importing formats:

  1. Outlook CSV (comma separated value - .csv files in Outlook format). Please visit this page for a list of all column header fields available to map your information to in Cloze. 
  2. Microsoft Excel 
  3. vCard (.vcf files)
 Importing Tips
  • All upload records (each row) must contain at least: 
    • an email address or
    • a mobile phone number or 
    • a name and phone number
    • a name and complete delivery postal address
      • street number and name or post office box number and secondary descriptor and number (e.g., suite or apartment number, floor) if needed.
      • city and state
      • postal code
      • country
  • After you've prepared your CSV or Excel file, upload a small sample file of 2-3 rows of contact information to make sure everything imported as expected.
  • Contact support by clicking on the orange "Help and Feedback" button below if you have questions, before you upload. 
  • Add a List column to your CSV to import directly to a List in Cloze.

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower left of your screen on

2.) Tap on Settings


3.) Scroll down to the Import / Export section and click on Import to expand the section.

Click on the Add Files button to navigate your prepared file you wish to import. 

Before you upload please make sure all of your columns have been properly mapped to Cloze equivalents.  

4.) Then click on the Start Import button to import your contacts.