Here is a list of the keyboard shortcuts available in the Cloze web app on for the Agenda, Email, To Dos and Notes. 

Agenda Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
+ key Sync your accounts
Up arrow or k key Move to previous Agenda item
Down arrow or j key Move to next Agenda item
x key Clear an Agenda item
Shift-x key Clear all Agenda items
Delete key (Backspace key on Windows) Clear an Agenda item
Shift-S key Skip a keep-in-touch reminder

Email and Social Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Up arrow or k key Move to previous message
Down arrow or j key Move to next message
Delete key (Backspace key on Windows) Delete a message
Shift-Delete key (Backspace key on Windows) Delete all messages from a person
x key Archive a message
Shift-x key Archive all message from a person
u key Undo last message deleted or archived
s key Save for later
r key Reply
a key  Reply all
f key Forward
e or m key Compose new email 
ctrl-e  Email composer: Goes to the end of the line
cmd-k Email composer: Highlight text and insert a link
cmd-v Email composer: Paste an image


To Dos and Note Shortcuts 

Shortcut Action
n key

Compose a new Evernote, OneNote, or Built-in note based on your default note settings. 


Compose built-in note 

t key Compose To Do 

People and Companies

Shortcut Action

Add a Cloze keyword to person or company


Add person or company to a Cloze List