For all People and Companies that have been shared with your organization you will see two views:

  1. My People (or My Companies) View  
  2. The name of your organization View (in the example below it is "ACME, Inc.")

Each of these views are independent and contain their own pieces of information. The Organization View will often include only a subset of your Personal View (My People) which might include information like a home number or home address. While the Organization View will include just the pertinent work information like work email, work phone and things like Stage and Segment. 

A few notes about sharing contacts:

  1. When you share people and companies with your organization you are creating a copy of your contacts and adding them to the organizational view.
  2. Contact information labeled personal will not be shared.
  3. Assigned people and companies are synced between the assignee and the organization to keep the contact information up to date.


What information is visible in the Organizational View (Shared View)?

  • Stage (not yet qualified, potential, active, inactive)
  • Segment (Customer, Partner, Supplier, etc..)
  • Next Step
  • Assigned
  • Last Organization Activity
  • Related Projects (or Deals)
  • Pictures
  • Headline
  • Keywords
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Websites
  • Social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

What is information is NOT shared?

  • Contact information that is labeled personal or "home" is never shared.
  • Past contact information that is no longer used.
  • Your timeline of activities (unless shared as part of a Project or Deal)
  • If the person has more than 5 shareable emails, we only share items marked public (for example: "Share this Number" below).
  • We don’t share anything marked private.