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Connecting Accounts

  1. How do I add an email account to Cloze?
  2. How do I add a social account to Cloze?
  3. How do I add my mobile phone call history to Cloze?
  4. How do I log calls and SMS from my Android phone?
  5. How do I connect Evernote to Cloze?
  6. How to find your Exchange email settings on your iPhone or iPad
  7. How do I connect Exchange email to Cloze?
  8. How do I connect my calendar to Cloze?
  9. How many email accounts can I connect to Cloze?
  10. How do I connect an iCloud account with two-factor or two-step verification enabled?
  11. How do I connect iCloud Reminders to Cloze?
  12. How do I connect a GoDaddy email account?
  13. How do I connect an IMAP email account?
  14. How do I call or text via Skype from Cloze?
  15. How do I resync my Android call and text history?
  16. Tips if your phone number is not available on your Android phone
  17. How to find your Exchange email settings on your Android
  18. How do I sync contacts back to Google Contacts?
  19. How do I connect Google Tasks?
  20. How do I enable Google Hangouts?
  21. How do I connect Google Calendar, but not my Gmail to Cloze?
  22. Does Cloze support Gmail and G Suite email aliases?
  23. Does Cloze support iCloud, and other IMAP aliases?
  24. How to I share on social media?
  25. How do I reschedule a social post?
  26. Does Cloze support Facebook Pages?
  27. Changes to Facebook related to Graph API 2.x
  28. Changes to LinkedIn
  29. Does Cloze support POP email?
  30. What social networks does Cloze support?
  31. Can I connect my (Hotmail, Windows Live or MSN ) account to Cloze?
  32. Can I connect my Comcast email to Cloze? (Now you can!)
  33. Can I connect multiple Gmail accounts to Cloze?
  34. Server Settings for Popular Email Providers
  35. I use AOL Mail. How do I connect my email to Cloze?