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What mail merge fields are available in Cloze?

Cloze provides several fields that you can use while sending a mail merge email. 

Note: These fields can also be saved in a Cloze template, however you must enable Mail Merge to use them. Mail Merge fields will not work for a regular, non-mail merge email

  • First: {{first}}
  • Last: {{last}}
  • Full: {{full}}
  • Headline: {{headline}}
  • Location: {{location}}
  • Country: {{country}}
  • Company: {{company}}
  • Title: {{title}}

You can also add a substituion word if nothing is available in the mail merge field. 

{{first | "no value" }}<— after the | is the text to use (in double quotes) as the default substitution text if no value is available. For example: {{ first | "sir or madam" }}

To use these fields simply enter the bracketed field listed above into your email. When you send your email Cloze will then substitute the bracketed text for the appropriate field in your contact record for each field you include. 

Please see the example below.

And what the email looked like for the recipient: