How do I change my Cloze login email?

You can change your Cloze login email address in Settings. Your account login email address is the email address you enter when signing into your Cloze account. 

1.) Tap on the More Options menu (...) and select Settings. 

  1. Tap on More in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android).
  2. Select Settings

On your computer: 
  1. Tap on More in the lower left on your computer ( 
  2. Select Settings

2.) Tap on My Account to expand the section.

3.) Tap on the Change button next to Account email.

4.) Enter your new Cloze login email address and tap the Change button to save.

  1. Enter your existing Cloze password
  2. Enter your new account email address
  3. Enter your new account email address again
  4. Tap on the Change button to save the new login email address. 

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