How do I customize my greeting?

Cloze offers a number of ways to customize your email greeting. There are five different examples below:

  1. Default Greeting - enter Hi in the greeting field
  2. No Greeting - leave the greeting field blank
  3. Just use the contact names - enter {{names}}, in the greeting field
  4. Customize both the greeting and the punctuation - enter Dear {{names}}- or Hello {{names}}: or any other variant you prefer. Note the use of a dash or colon instead of a comma. 
  5. Add generic substitution when no first name is present - enter {{names:Hi}}, or {{names:Hello}},

Note: Each email account you connect can have its own greeting and signature. Tap on the "Customize by Email Account" dropdown to switch between your email accounts. 

1.) Default Greeting:
Cloze uses a default greeting of "Hi" and then inserts the first name of each recipient. 

By default your email greeting will look like this: 

  • Hi Dana,


  • Hi Dana and Peter,

Cloze will add the comma automatically. If there is no first name available Cloze will display "Hi,".

Feel free to enter your preferred greeting (Hello, Hey, Dear, etc..or the equivalent for your local language) in the field.

2.) No Greeting:
To remove the greeting you can clear this field and leave it blank.

3.) Just use the contact names:
If you wish to remove the "Hi" and just use their names, please enter {{names}}, in the field.

With this setting your email greeting will like this: 

  • Dana and Peter, 

Or {{names}} -

  • Dana -

With this option, we give you more control to use your own punctuation. Feel free to enter a comma, dash, colon, etc..

Note: Please see below (example #5) to add a generic substitution when no first name is present. 

4.) Customize both the greeting and the punctuation
If you wish customize both the greeting and the punctuation. 

Hi {{names}},

Dear {{names}}-

Hello {{names}}:

5.) Add generic substitution when no first name is present
If you wish to use just a name and then substitute "Hi" or some other generic greeting when a first name is not present, please use this option.




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