How do I customize what sections are visible or hide sections completely?

You can customize the sections that are visible by default on your phone, desktop, and tablet. You can also hide sections completely so you don't see them on the Tab Bar or under the More menu. 

In the App Settings section, you can customize the major sections of functionality that are displayed in Cloze. 

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on

2.) Tap on Settings.

3.) Scroll down to the App Settings section and tap on Display and Layout to expand the section. 

Below you find instructions for:

  1. How to select the tabs visible in the navigation bar
  2. How to hide sections you don't use

Select the tabs visible in the navigation bar

In the section labeled "Tab Bar Sections" tap on the dropdown next to phone or desktop/tablet to make your selections. Tap on Save when you are done. The sections will be removed from the Tab Bar but will still appear under More.

New Design

An advantage of the new, more compact design is that you can have all of the Cloze sections visible on the left-hand navigation menu on the desktop.

  • Desktop - select as many sections as you would like
  • Tablet - select up to six visible sections
  • Phone - select up to four visible section

First, select the device-type you wish to modify.

Second, select the sections you would like to see in the navigation menu and then tap on Save.

Classic Design 

You will follow the same steps for the classic design.

  • Desktop and tablet - select up to six visible sections
  • Phone - select up to four visible section

Hide sections you don't use

If there are sections that you wish to hide because they do not apply to you, tap on the dropdown next to Hidden Sections and tap on the checkmarks next to the sections you want to hide. 

When they are unchecked, they are hidden from the tab bar view and will not appear under More. 


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