How does Cloze match a Google Drive folder or file to a Person, Company or Project?

You will see your Google Drive files in the Person, Company or Project (or Deal) tab called Files.

Cloze will automatically match a file or the contents of a folder to Person, Company or Project (or Deal) if the Google Drive document includes:

  • the First Name and Last Name of a person
  • a Company name
  • a Project or Deal name (Note: project or deal names must be two words or longer)
Any of these can be included in the Google Drive file subject, body or folder name and Cloze will automatically link them to the appropriate person, company, project or deal. You can work directly in Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms  and they will be linked on your next Cloze sync. 
Note: All folders and files must be synced to Google Drive before they will appear in Cloze.

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