How do I log call notes in Cloze with OneNote?

Please follow these instructions to log your notes from a phone conversation.  

1.) Tap on the compose icon in the upper right of the screen


2.) Tap on Log Call.


3.) Start typing in the box (labeled "Call With") to search for the name of the person you would like to link to the note. As you type Cloze will search your contacts for the right person. 

4.) In the section labeled Duration set the length of your call. 

5.) Add a Note

6.) Enter the topic of your phone call and optionally toggle on OneNote.

Tap the Add Note button to create your note.

7.) If the OneNote option was selected, OneNote will open so you can add your note.

The note will now appear in the Cloze contact profile for the people you linked to the note. Updates in OneNote are automatically synced to Cloze.

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