Cloze Bot for Glip

Have you ever posted on Glip something like "Has anyone talked with…[pick a name]?" With your team on Cloze and RingCentral Glip you you don't need to bug anyone - Simply ask Cloze Bot for Glip and you’ll know.

For example, if you ask "has anyone talked with IncFire Consulting” Cloze Bot might reply "Alex received a phone call from Dave Varenos at IncFire last Tuesday”.

You can invite Cloze Bot to your Glip account to quickly get answers like these.


You can ask the Cloze Bot for Glip questions, like...

Remind me to call Dana tomorrow.

Who last talked with Dana Varenos?

And Cloze Bot for Glip will tell you the last person on your team to talk to Dana Varenos.

When did I talk to Louis Tully?

And Cloze Bot for Glip will tell you the last time your talked to Louis Tully. 


Who’s working with Walter White?

And Clozebot will tell you who on your team is working with Walter White.  

If you need help with Cloze Bot for Glip simply type "Help".

And Cloze Bot will provide some tips. 

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