How do I send a lead from my website to Cloze with Wufoo?

Choose a Wufoo "New Entry" trigger and a Cloze Create Person action.

Selct New Entry Trigger. 

Select your Wufoo account.

Select your Wufoo Entry Form.
In this example the Wufoo form "This is a test" has been selected.

Test Your Wufoo Step. 

Select Cloze as the Action App.

Selet Cloze Action Create/Update a Person.


Select Your Cloze Account.

Match up the Wufoo form fields to the Cloze Person fields.

Select your Cloze Stage and Segment.

In this example new Wufoo form entries will be marked as "Not Yet Qualified" (aka Leads) Customers in Cloze. 

Test, name and turn this Zap on.


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