How do I create a team in Cloze?

Creating a team in Cloze enables you to have more visibility into team activity, centrally administer customizations, and control team member Roles. 

You can create your team by following these steps:

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on


2.) Tap on Settings


3.) Scroll down to the My Team section and tap on the Setup button to create your team. 

4.) Enter your team name and tap on Create.

5.) Select your team members and then tap on the Invite button. 

Tip: Can paste a group of email addresses into the "Who to invite" box. 

6.) Review the Privacy and Sharing screens


7.) Set your broadcast delay preference.

The broadcast delay gives you time to flag sensitive messages as private before other Team Members see shared timeline activity.

You can set your broadcast delay to:

  • Immediately - share new interactions and contacts as they are available.
  • After 4 work hours - share new interactions and contacts after 4 work hours.
  • After 1 work day - share new interactions and contacts after 1 work day
  • Manual - only share when you choose to share.

8.) Decide what would you like to do with people and companies that you've already marked as Client or Customer.

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