How do I sync a Cloze Property with an existing dotloop loop?

With Cloze you can easily send properties to dotloop to create a new loop. You can also sync existing loops with Properties in Cloze. This is helpful if you already have a property in dotloop and wish to sync it with the equivalent property in Cloze. 

Once linked together:

In order for Cloze to find and sync with a dotloop property the full property address and MLS ID must match exactly. 

Navigate to the property loop 

In the example below the listing 111 Old Oaken Bucket Rd is both in Cloze and in dotloop. Each were created independently so we're going to link them. 

1.) Locate the property address and MLS number in dotloop

The listing in Cloze and dotloop must both have the exact same:
  1. full property address 
  2. MLS ID 

Add the address in Cloze

2.) Tap on edit next to the property name

2.) Scroll down to the Postal Address section and tap on the + icon to add the postal address.

4.) Enter the complete postal address including the zip code and country exactly as it appears in dotloop. 

Add the MLS ID in Cloze

5.) Scroll down to the Listing Details section and enter the MLS ID

Tap on sync

5.) In the upper left corner of the screen tap on the sync icon or pull down on the Agenda screen on mobile. 

The Cloze property and dotloop loop are now linked together. 

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