How do I connect Zillow to Cloze?

Note: The Zillow integration is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan. 

Connect your Zillow Premier Agent account to ensure your leads are automatically added to Cloze. 

  • Instantly notifies you of the arrival of a new Zillow, Trulia, or StreetEasy lead
  • Automatically classifies the lead with a Stage, Segment, and lead source
  • Single swipe to reach out 
  • Every lead gets an automatic follow-up plan

1.) Sign in to your Zillow Premier Agent account (

Or if you are already signed in go to this URL in Premier Agent:

2.) Tap on your profile photo in the upper right, and choose Settings.

3.) Select Connect my CRM from the options on the left.        

4.) Tap on Add a Subscription

5.) Choose Cloze Relationship Management from the Partners dropdown menu

6.) Enter the email address of your Cloze account and tap on the Save button.

If you’re not sure which email address you use for your Cloze account, go into your Cloze account, choose More > Settings, and you can find your email address under My Account. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to find your account email.

7.) Test Integration

Once you have set up Cloze in your Zillow Premier Agent account you can test the connection. Navigate to one of your listings and create a test lead using a fake email address ( not one of your own email addresses). 
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