How do I redact the content of a specific account?

This setting enables you to hide the subject and body of shared timeline communication for specific accounts you have connected to Cloze. For example, your iPhone text messages or personal Gmail account.

When "Redact Messages" or "Redact Text Messages" is enabled on a specific connected account it hides the subject and body of shared timeline communication.

This option can be enabled on:

  • Any phone service (iPhone, Android, Verizon, Dialpad, etc.)
  • Any email service (Google, Microsoft, iCloud, etc.)


  • Redaction mode is enabled by default for all phone services. You can also enable it for email services.
  • Each team member can enable this on their Cloze account if they wish. 
  • Team administrators cannot override these redaction settings. Only individual team members can make changes.

For example, if you enable Redact Text Messages on your iPhone connection (texts sync to Cloze by the Cloze Call and Text Sync App) the content from your text message is hidden from other members of your team. Even if you have elected to share the full content of other activity (like your work email), text message content will remain private. Your team members will only be able to see that message occurred, not the contents of the messages. 

To adjust your Redaction setting in Cloze please follow the instructions below.

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on

2.) Tap on Settings.

3.)Tap on Connected Accounts to expand the section and then tap on the gear icon next to the service you wish to adjust.

4.) Toggle on (or off) "Redact Text Messages".

Before: Redaction is Enabled

You may elect to share your timeline activity with other team members (toggle on "Share timeline with" for any person or through a shared Project, Property or Sale).

Once the timeline sharing is enabled for a Person, Company, Project, or Deal, team members with the permission to see shared timeline activity can view the complete details.

After: Redaction is Enabled

The redaction mode provides a middle ground. You can share that activity is happening without revealing the complete details. In this example, the text message details are no longer visible.

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