Cloud CMA Overview

Note: The Cloud CMA integration is currently in beta and included as part of the Cloze Business Gold and Platinum Plans. Please contact for early access. 

The Cloud CMA integration enables you to create CMA, Buyer Tour, Flyer, and Property reports from properties in Cloze. You can also create a Cloud CMA Buyer Tour from a person. 

To get started, first connect your Cloze account to Cloud CMA in settings

Properties: Cloze ➔ Cloud CMA

With the Cloud CMA integration, you can originate several types of reports from Cloze. 

From any property in Cloze, you can choose a Cloud CMA Report Type:

  1. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  2. Buyer Tour
  3. Flyer
  4. Property

Optionally you can link it to a person. If you specify a person, once the report is created, you will see a file associated with that person. If you do not specify a person, the report will instead be associated with the property (and visible in the Files section).

When you tap on "Next" Cloud CMA will open so you can complete creating the CMA, Buyer Tour, Property Report, or Flyer.

Note: This will open a new browser tab. Some browsers may block this until you approve it. If you don't see a Cloud CMA report opening, please double-check your browser settings. 

Note for CMAs, Cloze passes the address and other property information (like property type, beds, baths, square feet, and lot size) to Cloud CMA. Once in Cloud CMA you can add other information to refine the report.  

Property Matches: Cloze ➔ Cloud CMA Buyer Tour

For people, you have the option to create a Buyer Tour for the person. 

When creating a Buyer Tour from a person, Cloze will automatically populate the listings found in the Property Matches section. 

To create a Buyer Tour, tap on the More Options icon. 

The Properties from the Property Matching section are automatically included. Tap on Next to create the Buyer Tour in Cloud CMA.

When you tap on Next another browser tab will open so you can finish creating the Buyer Tour in Cloud CMA.

Once created the Buyer Tour will show up as a file under the person.

Files: Cloud CMA ➔ Cloze

Cloud CMA reports created from Cloze will appear in the Files section for both People and Properties. Tap on Files to view the reports. Please note that Cloud CMA reports created outside of Cloze are not able to sync into Cloze

Cloud CMA Reports in People:

Cloud CMA Reports in Properties:

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