How do I connect Zenlist to Cloze?

Cloze is integrated with Zenlist to sync contacts and listing activity from Zenlist to Cloze. With your Zenlist account connected to Cloze, you will see a unified timeline view of your client activity—all of your calls, texts, emails, meetings, notes, and more combined with your client's Zenlist activity including their saved listings, tour requests, notes, and chats.  

Zenlist Contacts ➜ Cloze

Active Zenlist clients will automatically sync into Cloze:    

  • Contact details like their name, email address, and phone number are synced to Cloze.
  • Contacts are classified with the Cloze Lead (or Warm) Stage and Buyer Segment. 
  • The Cloze Lead Source field is set to Zenlist.

Zenlist Activity ➜ Cloze timeline

As your clients are browsing properties on Zenlist their activity is automatically synced to their contact timeline in Cloze. The Cloze timeline is updated automatically with Zenlist client activity:

  • Saved listings
  • Tour requests
  • Notes
  • Chats

Getting Started with Zenlist and Cloze

Before you get started connecting your Zenlist agent account to your Cloze account, we recommend that you are signed in to both Cloze and Zenlist on your web browser. 

Connecting Zenlist

1.) Navigate to your Zenlist dashboard and tap on Profile.

2.) Click Enable Zenlist API. 

 This will now show your custom API key.

3.) Click on "Enable Cloze Integration".

4.) Approve the connection between Zenlist and Cloze.

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