How do I connect LoLo Gift to Cloze?

With your LoLo Gifts account connected to Cloze, contacts with the tag #lolo automatically sync to the LoLo platform so that these contacts can receive the Local Gift of the Month. 

Syncing Your Cloze Tagged Contacts with LoLo Gifts

Once you’ve tagged your contacts in Cloze, you will need to log into your LoLo account and activate your contact sync so that LoLo will receive your recipient list. 
You’ll only need to complete this step once.

1.) Log into your LoLo account.

Navigate to and log in. 

2.) Once you are signed into LoLo, click here to sync with your Cloze account

In the same browser, please make sure you first log into the Cloze account that you want to be connected to LoLo.
Once the connection is established, you’ll see this in your LoLo account:

Your tagged contacts will begin to automatically appear in your LoLo account.

The sync checks the zip code of each of your #LoLo-tagged contacts to suggest the best gift zone for that contact. If you don’t have an address with a zip code entered for a contact you may want to add it; otherwise, you will need to select a gift zone inside of LoLo.

Add a postal address and ZIP code to Cloze

Adding a postal address to a person in Cloze is easy. Once the address has been added it will sync to LoLo. 
1.) Navigate to the person in Cloze and then tap on Edit next to their name. 

2.) Select Contact Info

3.) Tap on the + icon in the Postal Addresses section to add a postal address. 

4.) Enter the postal information and tap on the Add button. 

5.) Tap on the Save button to add the postal address to the person's contact profile. 

Update the gift zone inside LoLo

As an alternative, you can also set the gift zone inside Lolo. 
If you have the person's postal address we highly recommend adding it to Cloze so you have it for other purposes like creating address labels or sending holiday cards. 

Note To remove contacts from LoLo, remove the #LoLo tag from the contact record in Cloze.
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