How to install the Call and Text Sync App for iOS on a New iPhone

In order to sync calls and texts from your new phone using the Call & Text sync app, please disconnect your old phone and connect the new iPhone.

Before starting, you will need a lightning cord to connect your phone to your computer. 

1.) On your computer go to and then tap on More in the lower left.

2.) Tap on Settings.

3.) Scroll down to Connected Accounts under Accounts and Services. Tap on the gear next to your phone. 

4.) Select Remove and Keep History.

5.) Once you have removed your phone, please connect your new phone with a cable to the computer and open the Call & Text Sync app on your desktop.

6.) Select the types of communication you want to sync form your phone to Cloze. Tap Next.

7.) Select your device by tapping on it.
8.) Enter your backup password that you created when you first set up the Call & Text Sync app. 
If you can't remember your password, here is how to reset your encrypted password.

9.) Your phone will then begin to sync. 

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