How do I enable the new Cloze design?

We are beta-testing a new design theme on the web app at If you would like to try the new design please follow the instructions below.

The new design features a more compact, modern navigation, infinite scrolling timeline, new filtering options, refined toolbars, and more. 

Items to explore:

After you enable the new design (see below for instructions), here are some new things to explore. 

New profile design with an infinite scroll of timeline messages 

The new design now features an infinite scroll of timeline messages in the profile view, with inline message viewing, search, and advanced filtering. 

Inline expansion:

Email send options are all located next to the send button. 

The new email editing toolbar separates the Smart Edit and Ghostwriting features into a dedicated button for faster access. 

New filter menu

Audiences and filtering are now unified, with the ability to include and exclude based on any type of criteria (date ranges, etc.).

  • One place to filter the view and create audiences
  • Relative date filtering (e.g. lease expiration in the next two months)
  • Date ranges (e.g. purchase anniversary between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019)
  • Sort direction
  • Save any filtered view as a new audience. 

Simplified common and bulk actions menu.

Add more sections to the left navigation bar.

  • Tap on More
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Display and Layout to expand the section
  • Tap on the Section Bar - Desktop menu and select additional sections. 

To see the new design, turn off Classic Design Theme

1.) On navigate to Cloze settings, by tapping on More and selecting Settings.

2.) Scroll down and tap on Display and Layout to expand the section.

3.) Toggle on New Design Theme and Unified Filtering.

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