How do I connect Leads Engine to Cloze?

Leads Engine (from Anywhere) is integrated with Cloze so that leads automatically route into Cloze. Built by the Anywhere team, this integration eliminates data entry and ensures every lead is automatically imported into Cloze CRM. 

  • Leads are routed to Cloze and the agent is immediately alerted with a push notification
  • Each lead is automatically classified (as a buyer, seller etc.)
  • The lead source is set
  • The Cloze timeline is updated
  • When the agent follows up, outbound activity is updated automatically in Leads Engine to record the engagement with the lead (so agents don't need to do this manually). No details are recorded in Leads Engine except that the follow-up occurred. 

Once a lead arrives in Cloze automated drip campaigns and other lead routing options can be enabled.

How to setup Cloze in Leads Engine

Please follow these instructions from the Anywhere team. If you need assistance please email

How To Set Cloze as a CRM in Leads Engine

Leads Engine Support

Leads Engine

  • Leads Engine consultative help or assistance with rules, email
  • Technical support assistance and reporting issues, please contact your brand support team.
  • March 6, 2023 Cutover from Lead Router to Leads Engine training and instructions are available here
  • Leads Engine FAQs are available here.
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