How do I set my default country and locale?

In the Work Week and Locale section of Settings you can set:

  • Your default country - change this to set your default country.
  • The locale for content and formatting - set this to match your preferred language of content and formatting of numbers and dates.

Typically you do not need to make changes to these settings. 

The combination of your Default Country and Locale for content and formatting sets your language and number/date formatting for outbound communications (e.g. sending templates to your clients in their preferred language). 

1.) Tap on More (...). 

Mobile: Tap on More in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android).

On your computer: Tap on More in the lower left on your computer ( 

2.) Tap on Settings.

Mobile: In the menu select Settings.

On your computer: In the menu select  Settings.

3.) Scroll down and tap on Work Week and Locale to expand the section.

4.) Set Default Country.

Your Default Country is set automatically based on your device location. This will also set the default country in Cloze for contacts that do not have a country already set. 

5.) Set Locale for content and formatting.

The Locale for content and formatting will also be set to automatic by default and is not typically changed. 

If you live in a country with one common language but communicate with your clients in another language you may want to adjust the setting to your preferred language. 

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