How do I connect RealScout to Cloze?

Before you connect your RealScout account to your Cloze account, we recommend that you sign in to both Cloze and RealScout on your web browser. This will make it easy to authorize the connection. 

Connecting RealScout

1.) Open RealScout in your web browser and click on Integrations.

2.) Scroll down to Cloze and tap on the Connect Cloze Account button. 

3.) Tap on the Approve button.

RealScout is now connected to Cloze. 

RealScout includes several syncing options. We highly recommend the default option. 

  1. Import All Contacts - This option imports all contacts from Cloze into your RealScout account regardless of tags. [NOT RECOMMENDED]
  2. Import Contacts by Tags - This option only imports contacts from Cloze that have matching tags. Tags are case-insensitive. 'RealScout' is the default tag and cannot be removed. Tap on Add Tags to set another tag that will be used to sync from Cloze to RealScout. [RECOMMENDED]
  3. Back Fill Contacts - Import contacts from Cloze into your RealScout account that have the #realscout tag in Cloze.

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