How do I create a Canva design with the Cloze app?

Canva includes thousands of real estate-specific designs you can use. Select any design as a starting point and then you can use the Cloze app to add photos and other details from your listings. 

1.) Select the Canva design you would like to use.

2.) Navigate to the Cloze app in Canva. 

If you have recently used the Cloze app, you will see the Cloze icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu.

You can also navigate to Cloze by tapping on the App menu

  1. Tap on Apps
  2. Select Your Apps
  3. Select Cloze

3.) Search for your listing.

  1. Tap on the menu (My Properties) to select a feed (if your brokerage has provided MLS access you'll see it here)
  2. Search for your listing

  1. Select your listing

4.) Drag and drop photos and other details into the Canva design.

Tip: Tap on the back arrow to navigate to other properties, agents, or export your design to Cloze. 

Navigate to other options.

  1. Properties
  2. Agents (your own record in Cloze and any contact with the Agent segment)
  3. Export your design to Cloze

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