How do I install the Cloze app on Canva?

The easiest way to add the Cloze app for Canva is to click here

You can also install the Cloze app in Canva from any design or the Canva home page.

Install the Cloze app from a Canva design

1.) While viewing your Canva design click on the App menu.

  1. Click on Apps
  2. Search for Cloze
  3. Select Cloze

2.) Click on the Open button. 

3.) Click on the Connect button.

4.) Approve the connection.

Install the Cloze app from the Canva home page

You can skip steps 1 and 2 by simply clicking here.

1.) On navigate to the App section. 

2.) Search for Cloze

Select Cloze from the search results. 

3.) Select Use in existing design or Use in new design.

4.) After selecting an existing or new design, you will connect Canva to Cloze. 

5.) Approve the connection.

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