How do I not automatically log text message content for friends or family?

One of the most popular features of Cloze is the ability to automatically log text messages. Your call history and messages are private to you. No one else can see any of your calls or messages unless you choose to share them. 

If you'd prefer not to store messages from friends or family in Cloze you can adjust your settings. 

Once this change is made, Cloze will not store messages for contacts that are organized with a Personal Segment.

All contacts start without a Segment and remain private (if you are on a team). 

  1. Private - The lock icon indicates the contact has not been shared.
  2. No Segment - This means a segment has not yet been set. Tap on No Segment to select a Segment. 

Tap on the No Segment menu to set a segment.

  1. Tap on No Segment.
  2. Select a Personal Segment.

After a personal segment is set:

  1. The lock icon indicates this contact is private. 
  2. Friend segment set. 

In the above example, the contact is classified as a Friend. Stages are hidden for Personal Segments because tracking your progress for family and friends is unnecessary. 

Learn more about Personal Segments here.

1.) Tap on the More Options menu (...) and then select Settings. 

  1. Tap on More in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android).
  2. Select Settings

On your computer: 
  1. Tap on More in the lower left on your computer ( 
  2. Select Settings

2.) Tap on Connected Accounts to expand the section and tap on the gear next to your phone/messaging service.

  1. Tap on Connect Accounts to expand the section
  2. Tap on the gear next to your phone / text connection.

In the example below the gear icon next to the iPhone connection is selected.

3.) In the Storage and Redaction section, toggle on Remove Friends & Family Content

  1. Look for the Storage and Redaction section.
  2. Toggle on Remove Friends & Family Content. 

4.) Confirm the change by typing in the words PERMANENTLY REMOVE.

  1. In the box type in the words PERMANENTLY REMOVE.
  2. Then tap on the OK button.

  1. Tap on the Update button to adjust your settings and remove any existing text content from friends and family members. 

Going forward no text conversations for this phone/messaging service will be stored in Cloze for any contact organized with the Friend or Family member Segment.

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