How do I connect MAXA Designs to Cloze?

1.) Email to set up the MAXA Designs integration.

The MAXA Designs integration is configured centrally for all members of your team. Please have a member of your brokerage marketing team reach out to to enable early access. 

Our support team will work with your marketing team to configure Cloze so that you can connect MAXA Designs.

2.) Click on the More Options menu (...) and select Settings.

  1. Tap on More in the lower left on your computer ( 
  2. Select Settings

3.) Click on Connected Accounts to expand the section. Tap on the Add button and select Real Estate

  1. Tap on Connect Accounts to expand the section
  2. Tap on the Add button.

  1. Select Real Estate

4.) Select MAXA Designs. 

  1. In the menu, select MAXA Designs.

  1. Click on the Connect button.

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