How do I insert a MAXA Designs HTML newsletter into Cloze personal email?

Once connected, the graphic designs you create with MAXA Designs are available in Cloze. You can insert both images and HTML emails you have created in MAXA. 

1.) Design your materials in MAXA Designs.

You'll see your MAXA Designs available in Cloze.

2.) Switch over to Cloze and open the email composer.

With the integration, any time you are composing an email in Cloze you can insert MAXA content. For this example, an email is composed for a single recipient. 

  1. Navigate to the person.
  2. Tap on the composer.

2.) Compose your email.

  1. Optionally delete the greeting signature (if your MAXA template has this information already included)
  2. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the MAXA Designs image. 
  3. Then tap on the + icon to insert an image from MAXA Designs.

3.) Insert an HTML Newsletter from MAXA Designs.

  • After tapping on the + icon in the formatting menu, select MAXA Designs in the menu.
  • Select HTML Newsletters. 
  • Select the MAXA HTML Newsletter you wish to insert. 
  • Send your email.
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