Yes! When you subscribe on you have the option to purchase Cloze Business for yourself or your entire team. 


  • Only purchase subscription seats for Team Members that do not have a Cloze Business subscription: If you or one of your Team Members have already subscribed (either through iTunes or directly on at the same plan there is no need to add an additional seat. Only subscribe for additional Team Members that have NOT yet subscribed on their own. 
  • Cloze Business subscriptions will be allocated to team members as they join your team: You may purchase as many Cloze Business subscription seats as you need in advance. As Team Members join, your Cloze Business subscriptions will be allocated to them automatically. 


1.) Tap on More on the lower left side of the screen on

2.) Tap on Settings



3.) In the My Subcriptions section tap on the Subscribe button.

If you have Personal iTunes billing and want to establish centralized, team billing tap on Subscribe next to Team Billing. 


4.) Tap on your team name and then select either Monthly or Yearly.

Please note: the Cloze Business annual subscription option provides a discount.


5.) Enter the number of Cloze Business users you require and then tap on the Check Out button. 

The subscription form will pre-populate with the current number of Team Members, but you can change the quantity if you are planning to invite others to use Cloze.  


6.) Enter your payment information and then tap on the Subscribe button.