Using Cloze on the web ( you can import your Contactually contacts (in .csv, Excel or .zip file formats)  from your computer.

There is no work required on your part. It is a simple two step process:

  1. Simply export you contacts out of Contactually: Here are step-by-step instructions from Contactually
  2. And then import the .csv file into Cloze (please see below for details).

TIP ➜ The Contactually export .csv file or .zip file will import into Cloze without any changes required

  • Buckets:
    • Cloze will automatically map default Contactually Buckets to the equivalent in Cloze.  
    • All buckets will also automatically be set with an equivalent keyword in Cloze. 
  • Tags: Contactually Tags will map automatically to Cloze Keywords.
  • Contact information: Other details like name, title, phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses and more are also imported. 

GET HELP ➜  Contact support by clicking on the red "Contact Support" button below if you have questions, before you upload. Or email us at


1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower left of your screen on

2.) Tap on Settings


3.) Scroll down to the Import / Export section and click on Import to expand the section.

Click on the Add Files button to navigate your Contactually contacts file you wish to import. 

4.) Then click on the Start Import button to import your contacts.




People section

All of your contacts will be located in the People section of Cloze.


Find your imported Contacts

Tap on the funnel icon and select Lists and the Last Import.

Searching and filtering

After you import your file you can easily filter and search for your Contactually buckets and tags.

In Cloze we call tags, keywords. 

We also offer Stages and Segments. 

In this example...

Your Contactually file had a bucket called "Sphere of Influence".

Cloze will perform two actions on import:

  1. Set the Cloze Segment to "Connections"
  2. Add a keyword called "Sphere of Influence"


Filter by Stage and Segment

Tap on the funnel icon along the top of the People section to filter your contacts by Stage, Segment, Next Step, Custom Fields and more. 






















Searching for keywords (tags)

Type #[and then your keyword] or keyword is [and then your keyword].

#sphere-of-influence is entered in the search field